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Podcast Production Services

Hey there, future podcast superstar! You’ve got the ideas, voice, and story the world needs to hear.

Well, guess what? At Schmidt Consulting, we turn those bright ideas into audio gold. Whether you’re a coach ready to motivate or an entrepreneur itching to share your industry secrets, we’ve got your back (and your sound waves).

DIY Podcasting Workshop

Join us for a Half-Day Journey into the Heart of Podcasting!


Introduction to Podcasting (30 wonderful minutes):

Step into the time machine as we rewind to the origins of Podcasting. It’s like being in a history class, but way cooler – no pop quizzes, promise! We’ll show you why tech-geeks and silver-tongued orators don’t get to have all the fun.


Planning Your Podcast (60 action-packed minutes):

“Who am I talking to?” is not a question for your therapist, but the first step in identifying your audience. Next, we’ll teach you the art of crafting messages that stick – without sounding like you’re reading the phone book.


Technical Setup (Another zesty hour):

Gear talk doesn’t have to be a snooze fest. Learn how to sound like a million bucks without actually spending it, and get the scoop on software that makes recording a breeze without emptying your pocket.


Content Creation & Structure (Yes, one more hour):

Here’s where you learn to make magic with your words. No yawns, no snores – we’re all about keeping ears perked and hearts racing from start to finish.


Distribution & Promotion (An insightful hour):

Buckle up as we cruise through the podcast platform highway. Plus, we’ll tell you why “If you build it, they will come” doesn’t quite work in the podcast playground.


Monetization Strategies (30 Minutes of Money Talk):

Podcasting doesn’t have to be just a hobby. We’ll show you the ins and outs of making moolah without sounding like a telemarketer selling oceanfront property in Iowa.


Q&A and Wrap-Up (A cozy 30 minutes):

Worried about forgetting everything once you leave? Fret not; you’ll be armed with kick-ass materials like slides, a “Podcast Starter Kit,” and entry to our private online community for that Ongoing Support Buff.


Total Duration: A cool 5.5 hours that’ll fly by faster than a binge-worthy podcast series.


Suggested Cost: $199 – investment in turning your coffee rants into a chart-topping series.

Done-For-You Podcast Production Service

From Earbuds to Stardom 🎧

Initial Consultation:

We cozy up with a chat to get the scoop on your vision—and ensure we’re all singing from the same song sheet.


Think Batman’s utility belt, but for podcasts. We’ve got plans, script outlines, and schedules that kick chaos to the curb.


Sit back, relax, and say what’s on your mind – all while our audio wizards conjure studio-quality sound that’d make Grammy winners envious.


Intros? Check. Outros? You betcha! Mood-setting music and audio mastering? It’s like Photoshop for your podcast but without the controversy.


Climbing the podcast charts doesn’t have to be tougher than a two-dollar steak. We handle the uploads and SEO wizardry.


Shout your podcast from the digital rooftops with our promo toolkit—think captivating audio snippets and graphics that even Aunt Sally can’t scroll past.

Super-Secret Sauce (Standard Operating Procedure)

It’s really just us, checking off lists like podcast production superheroes, and holding regular shindigs (meetings) with you to keep things smoother than a jazz tune.

Scheduling & Production:

Every episode goes out like clockwork every two weeks. It’s like your favorite TV show, but oh so bingeable.

Suggested Costs:

Setup Fee: $500 (we call it the “get serious” kickoff).

Per-episode production: $150-$250, depending on show length. (This is a small price to pay for podcast immortality.)

Monthly Packages: Kicking things off at $300-$500 for a twice-a-month masterpiece, complete with the whole shebang.

Who's This For?

Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, Coaches, Consultants, and Small/Mid-sized Agencies who want to talk the talk and walk the walk—all while reaching hundreds maybe thousands (hey, why not millions?) of eager earholes out there.

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